Reviews and gallery


“Really knowledgable and passionate about the subject. Also really helpful when struggling with topics, took the time to explain one to one.”
Matthew 2018


“Justyna treated everybody individually and was all-round brilliant. She clearly has extensive knowledge of the subject and has been able to relate to us on everybody’s own level. Very pleased.”
Mark 2018


“Justyna was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, she took the time to explain any aspects of the course you weren’t sure about.”
Cat, 2017


“Fantastic teacher!”
Ian, 2015


“I really thought Justyna was excellent, engaging, knowledgable teacher. The pace was great, even with inevitable delays caused by in-depth questions etc.”
Jane, 2017


“Justyna is friendly, easy to talk to, she encouraged to show and share photos and opinions.”
Vicky, 2016


“Justyna is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable and really brings the subject to life in the classroom.”
James 2015