Photoshare at 6/8 Kafe 12.08.2014

I must say, it was difficult to get to Birmingham yesterday (12.08.2014), with all the torrential rain and hail (in August!!!!), but I managed to catch a dry spell between parking the car and getting to the 6/8 Kafé.

blp photoshare2

Another lovely meet up organised by BLP (Birmingham Loves Photographers) in 6/8 Kafe. By the way, if you live (or are) in West Midlands, and find yourself wandering around Birmingham city centre, you should definitely visit 6/8 Kafe, as you can see from the blackboard, ‘voted the best coffee in Birmingham’ – I can confirm, it’s good. But you should try for yourself.

Anyway, lovely couple of hours yesterday looking at each others photos and drinking beautifully brewed brews, what more can a photographer ask for? Have I mentioned anything about photographers’ love affair with coffee? Hard to explain, and definitely hard to overcome. This time it was a photoshare meet up, it was a group of about 15 of us, sharing and discussing images. It was a great atmosphere, and as usual, everyone was welcomed to join us, so there was so many different styles of photography. Don’t get me wrong – there was also some criticism too, but nothing harsh, so don’t worry, if you want to come with for the next meet up, it will be great to meet you.

blp photoshare

We also had a chance to briefly discuss an upcoming exhibition, which Frame is working very hard to organise now, it will be an open submission, so keep an eye out, we would love to see your photos in it.

I will be posting more info about next BLP meetings. Till then, keep creating,

Justyna x