Frame Photowalk

Sunday just gone (03.08.2014), Frame had organised a brilliant day out in a form of a Photowalk.

Note: Frame is a Birmingham based organisation whose aim is to promote and encourage growth of photography in Birmingham. Ok, this sounds a bit serious. In a nutshell we like taking photos, we like meeting up to talk about them (or taking them, as in this case), and organising exhibition spaces to show said photos. More info here.

The location: under the Spaghetti junction (M6, junction6), a bit spooky to start with…

I must say, when we started the whole place looked a bit strange, with definitely too much graffiti and rubbish to feel safe if you were to be there by yourself.

frame photowalk aug2014 1

The more we walked though, I must say I started to appreciate the photographic qualities of concrete (I never though I would say that), cloudy afternoon, light greyish colour of the building materials and lots of bridges and passages created very interesting setting to shoot.

frame photowalk aug2014 2

I have decided to take my old Nikon fm2 for this one and an expired roll of Kodak film – Ultra max 400. “A worry-free, easy-to-use high speed film designed for snapshooters. ULTRA MAX 400 Film gives you the flexibility you need to take consistently better pictures in more picture taking situations—better low-light picture quality with fewer underexposures, better results with zoom lenses, greater flash range, better “stop-action” photos, and reduced impact of camera shake.” – that’s from Kodak website. Well, a bit condescending, if you ask me, but will see what it looks like when developed.

frame photowalk aug2014 3


I only shot 14 frames (the beauty of film cameras – you don’t come back with 1000’s of photos to go through!), so I will have to wait for the results a bit more. Should be good.


Just before we finished, I managed to snap ALTER’s own Richard and Agi in their element, thanks for willing to get photographed, that’s a very rare characteristic amongst photographers…

frame photowalk aug2014 4 - Richard Southall and Agi Ch


Keep creating,

Justyna x