Film Shooters Collective

This week, we are looking at the Film Shooters Collective – the amazing organisation that’s all about film and everything film related. What’s not to like?

We love film, the smell of fixer in the morning, and geek out over grain structure. This is a collective of people who not only think that film is still very much alive, but that it’s as beautiful and as relevant as ever, even in an industry that changes as often as this one.” – that would be the the first paragraph on their website.   You read it, and you instantly remember ‘the smell of fixer…’ Yep, they got me.

FSC for ALTERart logo

FSC are a global collective with members from Tokyo to New York. Their members represent every level of photographer from amateur to professional, and while the abilities and styles may differ greatly, they all love film. They have been going strong from 2012, attracting more and more film shooters.

You can find them here:

or here:

and also here:

They currently have over 300 full members, who participate not only on the website’s blog and photostream, but also have an opportunity to be published in yearly book projects.

Each year they set out to create a one of a kind book solely comprised of film photography. The latest edition called NSEW (North, South, East and West) focuses on the notion of ‘place’, be it physical, mental, emotional, etc. . . Last year LSC made both a print and electronic version, which you can see here –

FSC book for ALTERart

This year, FSC are working on two books, second of which is open to the general public, titled ‘Fading from Memory’ is all about instant photography. Now, good old polaroids and instant photos, as well as the popular song’s lyrics (‘shake it like a polaroid picture’) make many us feel a little warmer inside.

The man behind the FSC, Cameron Kline said: “So often I get the question, ‘They still sell film?’ and I think that instant photographs have an even lower visibility for the general public. Our goal is to create something that is exciting and can help to spread the word that really incredible artists are working with instant materials and making meaningful work. The creative quality of those working in instant materials is simply incredible.”

More info about the open call will follow soon, head to for some more details. Only two and a half weeks left!

In the meantime, here at ALTERart we love film dearly, so have a browse through our film photography collections.

Keep creating,

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