About ALTERart

ALTERart was created to exhibit the great photographic talent and provide you with anything you might need to purchase thought-provoking, intriguing, and beautifully printed, originally crafted photographs.

The home of a great portfolio of professionally displayed images that displays creative insight fused with technical ability. Photography specific, including information about the camera, the film, the lighting conditions. One medium, one website. Simple.

The ‘Made in Britain’ is extremely important to us, along with our commitment to the fine art of photography at its very best. We only exhibit artists that currently work in the UK, with printing, framing, and all website logistics provided by West Midlands based companies. We work closely with our artists to make sure only the highest quality and consistency of work is exhibited, as well as exceptional archival prints. 

Want to sell your work? 

If you’re an artist living and working in the UK, and would like to sell your work, please contact j.ptak@alterart.co.uk. Please remember though, quality over quantity. Always.

The team

ALTERart was founded in 2013 by Justyna Ptak.

Justyna is an award-winning,  practising and exhibiting photography artist with e-commerce experience. Justyna has gained both a Bachelor’s degree in photography, as well as a Master’s degree in fine art, which provided her with art orientated yet technically fussed eye for detail. Justyna Ptak only selects outstanding works that demonstrate technical artistry and artistic flair to a very high standard.

To contact Justyna please e-mail: j.ptak@alterart.co.uk.

ALTERart has been created and developed with invaluable help, advice, and constructive criticism of friends and many helpful people met along the way. Amongst many more, it wouldn’t exist without Cat Onisko‘s amazing copy-writing and proofreading skills, Rebecca Quansah‘s business advisory, and Tom Bangham‘s web design and development.

What do you need to know before completing the purchase?:

Shipping: We offer free delivery on all prints to all UK destinations (Royal Mail recorded delivery). If you wish to ship outside UK please contact sales@alterart.co.uk.

How long will it take? Each prints gets printed and signed by the artist individually, so please allow up to 28 days for delivery. The vast majority of shipping times will be less than 7 working days.

Paper sample: To order a paper sample to check the quality of our products, please contact sales@alterart.co.uk (£1 production and postage charge)

Changed your mind before we dispatched the print? Have your order number ready and contact sales@alterart.co.uk.

Changed your mind after you received the print? Contact us with your order number within 3 working days of receiving the print.

Personal data: We use your details to fulfil your orders, we will never share your details.

Payments: All payments are taken in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP), and processed through PayPal.

Prints: All products are printed on 320gsm archival fine art paper, with one inch border (sizes on the website are image sizes, without the border!), with the artist’s signature and edition number in the lower right corner.

For full Terms and Condition please click here.